Let’s Do Something about the Parking!

We’ve heard some discussion the last several weeks about some recent community events here in Macon County. Some great things and then, not so good.

One issue in particular is the parking situation at the Macon County fairgrounds.

At the recent Mountain High BBQ Festival and Car Show, several citations were issued to motorists parking alongside Wide Horizon Road. Recently some No Parking signs were placed along the road warning motorists not to park there with the reason that it obstructs emergency vehicles from getting through in the event of a such emergency.

The reasoning here makes sense but the visibility of the signs does not. A lot of the comments from folks in the community seem to be that the signs are too small and placed incorrectly. Now during the fair barrels with tape were placed in front of the signs along the road and seemed to clarify no parking there but all the same, both events are huge events for the community and if no parking along White Horizon is the case, then something needs to be done to create more parking and easier access for vendors and attendees of events at the fairgrounds.

Certainly parking across the street creates danger due to folks walking across the busy 441 Highway. So with all that in mind we need to come up with some sort of alternative.

The fair and the BBQ Festival are two of the largest events at the Fairgrounds and something needs to be done to make parking more of an ease then a hassle. That to me would seem to be a turnoff especially for folks coming in from out of town. And aren’t we trying to be bring folks in from out of town to our area? Especially in this so called new “normal” economy. It’s something to think about.