Macon County Board of Education Added to Lawsuit Against State

Tcropped-mcsstatesealhe Macon County Board of Education is joining in a lawsuit against the state. The lawsuit was originally filed by Richmond County to keep the fines from improper equipment offenses in the county where the offense took place.

Attorney John Henning Jr. addressed the Board of Education about joining the lawsuit, “Richmond County successfully sued to say that those were fines and forfeitures that the North Carolina Constitution says have to stay in the county they’re collected in, and they have to go to the local school board. What they weren’t successful in was having that ruling in that case to apply to every school district in the State of North Carolina. Ultimately, we think it will. There is an unchallenged court of appeals case that says now that it was unconstitutional for the state to pass that law, and they can’t collect that fine anymore in that way.”

Henning told the board that they have been added to the suit, and if successful, could bring back some money to Macon County, “So for you and each of our clients, we have signed you up in a lawsuit and say that we would also like our funds to come back here (to the county). What that could mean for us is roughly $50,000, if we’re completely successful.”

The Board passed the motion to be added to the suit unanimously.