Safe Kids of Macon, Jackson Counties to Host Hot Car Events

Safe Kids Macon County will be teaming up with the Macon County Public Library to host a hot car demonstration to show the importance of never leaving a child or pet alone in the car. The event will be held on Tuesday July 26 from 10 am until 3 pm.

Also, Safe Kids Jackson County is partnering with Jack the Dipper to hold an event on Saturday, July 30th. 

During the day, Jack the Dipper will donate a portion of sales to Safe Kids Jackson County to help this coalition continue its work at decreasing childhood injury and death.  Also, Safe Kids Jackson County will set up the hot car display at Jack the Dipper from 1-5 PM, showing how quickly the inside of a car can heat up.

Coordinator of Safe Kids Macon County, Deputy Josh Stewart says that the only reason the organization exists is to bring down the number of preventable child deaths, “Just about every year, there’s about 300 fatalities with children under the age of 14 in North Carolina. On top of that, there’s about 25,000 injuries that are 100% preventable and accidental. The whole idea of the program (Safe Kids) is to drive those numbers down.”