County Ends Contract with Angel to Provide Meals to Detention Center

At this week’s monthly meeting for the Macon County Board of Commissioners, one of the items up for a vote was ending a contract with Angel Medical Center to feed inmates at the jail.

For this fiscal year, the contract was over $350,000, according to County Manager Derek Roland, “To give you an idea of the food cost in the Macon County Detention Center, in fiscal year 16-17, $360,000 was budgeted in that line item. That budget number is based on an increasing number of inmates and our current cost per meal under the current contract. We’re going to exceed that amount in this fiscal year. What this new contract does, is that we will go into a food service agreement with a new provider and get those costs down, which will result in a 35% decrease for next fiscal year.”

Commissioner Ronnie Beale says that the competition for the contract is a good thing, and the county will benefit, “Me and the County Manager have sat down for hours on end, with Mission, and there’s been no competition. Just flat out, no competition, there was nobody else in the area, until now. So to try and negotiate, there was no competition to provide these meals.”

A motion was then made to end the contract, which was passed unanimously.