25th Anniversary of Early Farm Days Celebrates Agricultural Heritage

This past weekend marked the 25th anniversary of the annual Early Farm Days Antique Engine and Tractor Show sponsored by the Franklin Tractor Club and the Macon County Historical Society. The annual two-day event held at the Wayne Proffit Agricultural Center at the Macon County fairgrounds featured several exhibitors from all over Macon County as well as other areas of North Carolina and neighboring states.  Event organizers were pleased with this year’s crowd estimated to be one of the largest crowds they have had in recent years.

The event is held each year to give people the opportunity to get acquainted with old farm equipment and engines as well as to teach people about the history of agriculture and farming preserving an important part of America’s history. Many of the exhibits featured farm equipment, engines and other antiques that no longer exist and are preserved for future generations to enjoy at such events as Franklin’s Early Farm Days.

Exhibits displayed a variety of antique farm equipment, old tools, parts, Model T’s, tractors and engines as well as many antique household items. Many of the exhibitors are collectors who have restored antiques and farm equipment to showcase in farm and tractor show.

Event organizers are hoping the annual event will also spark interest in the Franklin Tractor Club. The club meets the first Tuesday of every month and anyone interesting in attending can contact Tractor Club President Ron Peacock at (828) 332-7940 for more information. Club members are hoping to increase their membership especially among youth.