Blue Cross Rejects Mission’s Offer to Keep Policies Purchased Over Exchanges as In-Network

From Blue Cross Blue Shield of North Carolina: “’Today we received a letter from Mission Health that attempts to partially rescind their termination of our contracts. We were disappointed when Mission Health decided to unilaterally terminate those contracts last month.

With today’s proposal, Mission Health continues to turn its back on senior citizens, state and county employees, businesses and taxpayers across Western North Carolina. This is unfair to tens of thousands of other members; therefore Blue Cross NC has no choice but to reject this offer.

We remain ready and willing to negotiate on behalf of ALL of our Western North Carolina members as soon as Mission Health fully withdraws its termination. A recent study validates that North Carolina already has some of the most expensive health care in the nation, and every increase in hospital costs leads directly to even higher premiums.

We hope that Mission Health reconsiders its decision to terminate our contracts. In the meantime, we will continue to work with Western North Carolina’s other doctors and hospitals – who share our goal of making quality, affordable health care available to as many North Carolinians as possible.’


Brad Wilson

Blue Cross NC President and CEO”