Commissioners Approve Contract for Landscaping at Community Building

With the Robert C. Carpenter Community Building renovations nearing completion, county officials are working toward finalizing plans to landscape the grounds around the building and parking lot. At this week’s meeting of the Macon County Board of Commissioners, county officials approved a contract to hire Ross Landscape Architecture, PLLC for the landscape renovation plans for the community building.

Last month at their July meeting, county commissioners considered two bids from local landscapers, but did not vote on either when they realized the two bids were different and not comparable bids.

“At our last meeting, we opened up two bids for landscape plans for the Robert C. Carpenter Building, but when we opened them up we realized we weren’t comparing apples to apples,” said Chairman Jim Tate. “We had two landscape companies provide us two different plans for what they thought was going to be good; Both had different prices, both had completely different designs of what the landscaping should look like there. I raised my hand and put up an objection to that, because in reality, we weren’t comparing apples to apples when it came to design and prices. I made the suggestion to get a local landscape architect to do a set of landscape plans, then we will put it out for bids and when we receive prices, we will be comparing to apples to apples.”

At their recent meeting, county commissioners approved a contract with Ross Landscape Architecture, PLLC for $2,280 to create the landscape planting plans for the community building. The contract includes services for client meetings, site measure and inventory, base drawing and mapping coordination, preliminary design concepts, planting plan, plant list with specifications and details and ACAD Drafting. Once the landscape planting plans are completed, commissioners will put the project out for bid.

Ross Landscape Architecture is from the Highlands community and has experience in designing other similar parks in the area including Zachary Field – Macon County Recreation Park located on Buck Creek Road, Highlands and Kelsey-Hutchinson Founders Park — Town of Highlands located on Pine Street, Highlands.

The landscape of the community building grounds will be the final stage of the complete renovation of the Robert C. Carpenter Community Building.