Elected Town Officials Take Oaths, Franklin Mayor Talks About Issues

At Monday Evening’s regular meeting of the Franklin Town Council, new council member David Culpepper took the oath of office; as did Barbara McRae, who was reelected and Franklin Mayor Bob Scott. Former Council member Billy Mashburn’s seat was left vacant for the time being, with the Town Council filling the vacancy in the future.

With Patti Abel leaving the board, a new Vice Mayor had to be named, and Council member Joe Collins nominated McRae, who was approved by a unanimous vote by the board.

Following the Oaths and the appointment of a new Vice Mayor, Mayor Bob Scott addressed the board and said that holding meetings in the view of the public is something that everyone on the Council should strive for, “I would encourage the board to always find reasons not to go behind closed doors, but find reasons to conduct our business before the public. We as a board exist to conduct the public’s business, and, I would remind you of the high ethical standards the public demands of us.”

Mayor Scott then went on to address some issues that he sees as being very important to Franklin, including healthcare in the town, “I am concerned about the status of our Angel Medical Center and their looking for a potential site for a replacement facility. I welcome this, but at the same time; I’m still not clear on what may happen with the old facility. Mission Health has closed our Labor and Delivery unit, and at this time, I’m worried about the future of our medical care, as this is another example of what is happening nationally to healthcare at the expense of small communities such as ours.”

Also on the list of things that the Mayor says he wants to see addressed are; parking on Main Street, “We will be diligently practicing and studying to come up with a new parking plan for Main Street, or we may decide that the present system is viable. I do believe that we must look to enforcing careless parking and parking of large wheel based vehicles on Main.”