Town Continues Improvements to Memorial Park

Over the last few years, making improvements to Memorial Park has been a top priority of the Franklin Town Council. Recent improvements to the park include further outside renovations, safety improvements to the playground and interior remodeling of the building.

Currently, the town is completing a gravel five-foot walking path along the stream restoration project. The walking trail is funded using grant money the town received from Duke Energy for the stream restoration project. Total cost of the walking trail project is $11,000.

Work on the walking trail is being completed by Tom Young with Cattails. Although the rainy weather has slowed down completion of the project, work on the trail is well underway and should be completed in the next few weeks.

After the walking trail is completed, the town has plans to work with Read2Me to install a story walk along the trail.

For the last month, the building at Memorial Park has been closed while the town has been completing interior improvements. Using funds budgeted for improvements to the interior of the Memorial Park building in both the 2017-2018 and current fiscal year budget, the town has been utilizing staff and outside contractors to renovate and upgrade the interior of the building.

Using $18,000 set aside for these improvements town staff has removed the wood paneling and replaced it with drywall. In addition, the entire kitchen has been renovated, and the town has installed new appliances, counter tops and cabinets. The kitchen wall with the window has been removed and, in its place a serving counter top has been installed to provide a better serving area for parties and events.

After the interior work is completed, the town will be making improvements to the concrete slab under the pavilion. The concrete slab is cracking and in need of repair and will be redone to provide a flatter surface. In addition, the town will be installing a concrete path from the back door of the building to the pavilion.

The town also has plans to make safety improvements to the playground area. A border is going to be installed around the playground area and mulch will be placed inside the area under the swings and other playground equipment. This improvement will make the playground safer for children to play and will also help with the town’s insurance.