Health Fair Taking Place Next Week at AMC in Franklin

Angel Medical Center in Franklin will be hosting a free health fair next week in the AMC Dining Room.

The health fair is put on by Angel on a regular basis to help the community get to be more involved in their own healthcare by being more informed, according to Bonnie Peggs, with Angel Medical Center, “We do these, usually every year. Part of that is because we want to help you be healthy all the time. We don’t want to just take care of you when you get sick or injured, we want to help you maintain your health.”

The health fair will be taking place on Tuesday afternoon from 3-5 pm and will have several different tests, as well as something that Peggs says is very important, particularly for seniors, “Having fall risk assessment is very important, so we will have a team there providing a fall risk assessment. We will also have EMS there giving information about stroke. It’s very important to know the signs and come the ER if you think you’re having a stroke, because there is a narrow window of time for us to help and do the best we can.”

There will also be several giveaways and hospital tours taking place as well during the health fair. If you would like more information, you can call the hospital at 349-6639.